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Empower your creativity and navigate the AI revolution with confidence through this comprehensive digital book

Read by professionals working with:

Adobe, TikTok, Meta, Uber, SAP

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📖 What is this book about?

Artificially Inspired is your all-in-one guide to mastering AI in design. It offers insights into key technologies, ethical guidance, and tips on honing vital skills for the AI era

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🧠 What will you learn from this book?

  • Essential skills for working with AI effectively

  • Strategies for adapting to the changing job market

  • Fundamentals of AI in design

  • Impact of AI on various design disciplines

  • How to integrate AI into your design practice

  • Limitations and capabilities of AI in design

  • Challenges and opportunities presented by AI

  • Evolving roles in the AI era

  • Ethical and legal dimensions in AI-driven design

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🎙️ Featuring insights from professionals

Discover how AI is revolutionizing design from those who experience it firsthand. This book brings you personal insights, advice, and experiences of professionals working in the field:

Photo of Florian Bölter

Florian Bölter
Designer & Founder
Open Doors

Photo of Juan Real

Juan Real
Product Design Manager

Photo of Eva Anguita

Eva Anguita
Art Director

Photo of Amal Tapalov

Amal Tapalov
Lead UX/UI Designer

Photo of Marina Fuentes

Marina Fuentes
Product Designer

Photo of Emma Iosu

Emma Iosu
Product Designer

Empower Your Career

Who should read this book?

A preview of the digital edition of the book "Artificially Inspired: How AI Is Reshaping the World of Design"

✏️ Designers of all disciplines

This book is a valuable resource for designers in UX, Product, 3D, Graphic, Communication, XR, and more, emphasizing the similar impact of AI and shared principles for effectively incorporating AI across design disciplines

🎓 Entry-level designers and students

  • Gain early exposure to the evolving design world

  • Stand out and improve your skills with AI knowledge

  • Future-proof your career in a changing job market

🎨 Mid-level designers

  • Grasp AI's design impact and master its technologies

  • Acquire future-ready skills and team up with AI as an ally

  • Navigate job market shifts confidently

  • Cultivate a growth mindset for continuous learning

📊 Senior and executive designers

  • Use AI to boost innovation and strategic decision-making

  • Streamline workflows with AI tools

  • Strengthen leadership by grasping the emerging design trends

  • Tackle social, legal, and ethical AI considerations

  • Cultivate ongoing learning and adaptability in your team

💡 Anyone interested in AI

  • Make informed choices when incorporating AI into projects

  • Understand how AI changes design

  • Understand AI's ethical and social implications

  • Stay informed about emerging technologies and trends

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Discover AI's impact on design, learn best practices for its integration, and strategize for staying ahead in this fast-paced landscape



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Reviews & Author

Reader experiences

A woman holding the book

"Wasn't sure at first, but it's full of great insights. A must-read for designers"
Ethan Rivera
UX Designer

"Some techy parts, but the author makes them easy to understand"
Timur Sleiman
Graphic Designer

"Inspirational and practical, I totally recommend it!"
Arjun Patel
Graphic Designer

"Can't say it's the best design book I've read, but it was quite good and definitely worth my time. Some parts were funny"
Nikita Hoffmann
Interaction Designer

"Love how concise the book is, without unnecessary fillers like some other books"
Grace Kim
Communication Designer

"It's thought-provoking and packed with interesting examples"
James O'Brien
Product Designer

"Now I know what to do with my career"
Amira Al-Sayed
Design Student

"This book really got me thinking about the future of design"
Kofi Mensah
UX Designer

Behind the words

A photo of Alex Pak (the author)

Alex Pak

Alex Pak, an award-winning and future-oriented designer, brings years of experience to the table. He was an early adopter of AI, using it to enhance his designs and winning AI art contests. As a certified mentor, he's helped hundreds of designers and taught Human-Computer Interaction at the university level.Alex is in the top 1% of AR filter creators, with over a billion views. He has been part of campaigns for companies like McDonald’s and Adobe, among others, and worked on software for brands like Uber, WhatsApp, and Shopify.Embracing his love for AI, Alex plays with robots, tries AI-made recipes, and lives as a digital nomad, always looking for new experiences.

Connect with the Author

Questions? Feedback?

If you have any questions about the book, need clarification on a topic, or want to share your feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out

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